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1996   Foundation of the sole proprietorship "Fa. Moosbrugger" in the Kadettengasse Graz Liebenau

1998   Engaged the first employee

2003   Even six employees working in the company

2004   Reorganisation of "FA. Moosbrugger" in "TOMO-TEC Moosbrugger GmbH"

2006   Opening of the second office in Graz Gössendorf and a company branch in Chanchuan/China

2009   Closure of the China branch in consequence of the economic crisis and the associated poor order situation

2011   Expansion of the office in Gössendorf to ensure enough space for 20 employees and also expand the range of services form pure              component development in the automotive industry to tooling and device development

2012   Spin-off the automotive sector into the "TOMO-TEC Fahrzeugtechnik" GmbH and the specialisation to calculation, design and                    manufacturing

2015   Foundation of the "TOMO-TEC Immo GmbH" and start of the planning and implementation of the TOMO-TEC office building TT1                in Graz Liebenau directly in front of Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG und Co. KG

2018   Completion of the TT1 and resettlement in the new buliding

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